Become A Hearing Instrument Specialist: The Sound of Your Future

myHearingU is a national, online career program powering the next generation of hearing healthcare professionals through an affordable, 6-month program.

Our online program is dedicated to providing aspiring Hearing Instrument Specialists with the knowledge and skills to successfully pass their state licensing exam, pursue a career in hearing healthcare, and provide top-notch patient care.

No Additional Student Debt, No Additional Years of Study

Continuing your education is a very difficult decision. There are many factors you need to consider.

How much student debt will I take on?

Can I work full-time to support myself or family while going back to school?

Will this take years to complete?

With our program, you do not have to attend class in person, pay hundreds of thousands in tuition and fees, or spend several years in college to join highly sought-after businesses as a hearing healthcare professional.

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Our 100% online program allows you to complete your studies within 6 months and at a fraction of the cost of college tuition in the comfort of your home.

At myHearingU, learn at your own pace and set your schedule — you can pause, rewind, and study additional resources as much as you need for a better understanding of the material.

You can study from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

Have the option to take part in live, virtual classes with our highly qualified instructors.

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Program Overview

Our Hearing Aid Specialist program equips you with an education to start a successful career and become a valued member of the hearing healthcare profession.

Our program is designed to develop your hearing healthcare skills, among others, to:

  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of the ear.
  • Evaluate and interpret hearing test results.
  • Develop and implement proper hearing loss treatment plans.
  • Fit, adjust, and service hearing devices and assistive technology.
  • Counsel and educate patients and families/friends about hearing loss, their hearing device, and hearing assistive technology.
  • You will learn to refine your interpersonal skills to build trusting provider-patient relationships and boost your confidence to meet the evolving needs of today’s patients. You will be prepared to evaluate and select appropriate hearing devices from the ever-changing and constantly emerging technologies of the hearing healthcare industry.

Upon completing our online program, you will be a holistic and critical thinker, a confident and compassionate communicator, and have skills in counseling so that you can be an outstanding professional and contributor to the hearing healthcare profession.

Your newly earned, high-quality education sets you apart as a professional in your field and will get you noticed by employers who are ready to hire.

Individualized Learning

You will enjoy learning with industry-experienced instructors who provide targeted and intensive online training sessions that cover all aspects of the Hearing Instrument Specialist profession.

Our comprehensive program prepares you to pass your state licensing examination so you are equipped to pursue a successful Hearing Aid Specialist career.

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Hearing Aid Specialist Career Benefits

A career as a Hearing Instrument Specialist can give you financial stability, industry respect, and potential for growth in the hearing healthcare profession.

Hearing Instrument Specialist is currently a high-demand profession as cases of poor hearing health increase, especially among the aging population and due to general population growth.

Additionally, other benefits include:

Various Career Paths to Choose From

You can engage in a variety of career paths as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. Some of these include:

  • Private clinics and hospitals attending to hearing patients, conducting tests and assessments, dispensing hearing instruments, and fitting hearing instruments that have been prescribed by other health professionals.
  • Small and large retail chains selling and dispensing hearing aids.
  • The manager running the business side of a hearing healthcare organization.
  • Sales manager for a hearing instrument manufacturer.
  • Technician providing technical support for hearing instruments in an organization.
  • Research, development, and marketing for newly developed hearing instrument technology.
  • As an entrepreneur who opens their own testing and dispensing clinic upon receiving licensing.
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Work in a Growing Industry with High Demand

There is a high demand for strongly skilled Hearing Instrument Specialists. One in every three people who are at least 65 years old suffer from some type of hearing loss and need to see a hearing healthcare provider.

It is projected that the market for Hearing Instrument Specialists will grow by 10-15%, an above-average rate compared to that in most industries.1

Potential for Above-Average Earnings

Hearing Instrument Specialist ranks as the 12th highest paying job without a degree with a median annual salary of at least $59,960.2

The pay will depend on your experience, level of education, location, and employer.

The income potential, low tuition cost, and speed in which you can complete your education makes the online Hearing Instrument Specialist program a high-value investment.

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Pursue a Highly Respected Career in the Healthcare Field

The role of a hearing aid dispenser in the healthcare field can be compared to that of an optician in vision care. You obtain official licensure to diagnose hearing impairments and fit hearing instruments, significantly contributing to the hearing healthcare profession and the healthcare field. In most states, you can begin pursuing a license after receiving your high school diploma.

You will also collaborate with other hearing healthcare professionals who deal with additional hearing problems such as tinnitus, hyperacusis, and noise-induced hearing loss.

Work in a Dynamic Job with Low Stress Levels

A Hearing Instrument Specialist job offers flexibility when it comes to work hours and work environments. Many Hearing Aid Specialists work a 9-5 schedule, Monday through Friday.

No one day is the same. You will attend to adult patients of all backgrounds and needs. You will handle a variety of conditions that provide limitless opportunities to grow your interpersonal and critical thinking skills – which could lead to salary and career advancement.

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*Job placement in the field is not guaranteed. 

1 https://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/29-2092.00 

2 https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/hearing-aid-specialist

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